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The Mission

We exist for one reason; to fully develop men and women called to Kingdom ministry.

A Note from Pastor Mike

Pardon me, but I’m writing this myself. No one knows my accomplishments and my failures better than me. So, if you can accept this honest look at my life work, here goes.

I am the son of first-generation Pentecostal ministers who were only converted after I was born. After being raised by these sincere, godly parents, I began to seek how to fulfill a call to ministry. I felt the fire, but I didn’t know how to direct it to a purpose. Thanks to many mentors, I found my way into full-time ministry in 1970. After Kathy and I married in 1973 (the greatest gift God ever gave me), our assignment found its focus. God called us to Dallas, TX. area to launch a local church. From 1976 to 2016 ( 40 years), we poured our lives into that assignment. Covenant Church stands today as a magnificent example of God's grace and what He can accomplish in one generation of focused ministry calling. He gets all the glory. I promise you, as I enter my Apostolic (fathering) assignment, I will endeavor to pour out of this vessel everything valuable in the way of revelation He has trusted me to steward. The courses we offer will include every one of the great life-changing messages that built our lives and church. I’m excited to launch this site into a wild blue yonder of possibility.

Oh yea, my DDiv is honorary. So when you see me referred to as Dr., please know that while I genuinely appreciate my life work being recognized, I have both feet firmly planted in knowing who I am. With that said, I believe I can help you if you wish. Let’s do something great for God!

About Dr. Mike Hayes

Dr. Mike Hayes’ journey in ministry began in the 1970s and spans over five decades. Born in Ohio in 1950, he later moved to Texas where he found both his spiritual calling and the love of his life, Kathy. They are blessed with a son, daughter, and six grandchildren. Mike’s dedication to ministry is evident through his contributions. His book “When God is First” is an international bestseller, echoing his message across the globe.

Mike was raised as a boy in Flagstaff, AZ which gave him a love of the mountains. His father was a pastor. The family moved to Houston, TX. when his father became Dean and an instructor at a school of Theology. Mike enrolled there upon completing High School and began ministry shortly after. He received an honorary Doctorate from Faith Christian University in 2007.

In 2016, Mike established the Center for National Renewal in D.C. The next year Mike worked with the White House as a Faith Advisor involving issues close to his heart and experience like an Israel peace plan and visits to the Southern border seeking immigration solutions. Since 2020, Mike has pivoted to his latest and greatest mission: writing, teaching, and coaching the next generation of leaders with a kingdom mindset. The foundation of Mike’s journey remains rooted in unity. His commitment to racial reconciliation and healing is emphasized in his five-decade-long journey. Founding Pastor of Covenant Church, he and Kathy built a community where over 100 nations found representation and community. This beacon of unity is now under the leadership of his daughter, Amie Dockery.

Mike’s pursuit of happiness is both personal and universal, as is evident in his new book, “Real Happy: Jesus’ Surprising Path to Genuine Joy.” Outside of his work, he finds happiness in simple pleasures: the company of friends and family, traveling, restoring classic cars, and tranquil moments of fishing. From ministry to writing, to the international stage, Dr. Mike Hayes’ journey is a testament to a life devoted to mentoring, teaching, imparting happiness and championing unity.


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New Release

REAL HAPPY: Jesus' surprising path to genuine joy

Jesus offers a clear pathway to joy that is unimaginably good and adventurous. This countercultural path finds joy through all of life's dilemmas and is the signature teaching of Jesus' Master Class on the Happy Attitudes.